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In the late 1990’s, Monsanto, Novartis and other GMO food companies toured Europe in an “American Cafe” food truck, to show wary Europeans how much Americans love GMO foods. This package contained a “genetic cookie” made with GMO corn flour.
GMO experiments include many crops with animal genes (and insect, bacterial, viral and many other non-food genes), such as “fishberries.”
A gallery of Greenpeace GMO action and campaign images:

Greenpeace activists used wheat flour to paint this GMO field.

Protesting StarLink corn contamination outside an FDA hearing

Fishberry in Cartagena, Colombia for the Biosafety Protocol meetings.


A member of Greenpeace China demonstrates how much rice a child would need to eat every day to get enough Vitamin A from GMO “golden” rice.

Greenpeace UK dumps four tons of soybeans outside 10 Downing St to warn Tony Blair about Clinton’s support of GMOs.

Across from Kellogg’s headquarters in Battle Creek, MI

Banner on a grain silo containing 550,000 bushels of soybeans contaminated with ProdiGene’s untested GMO “pharm” corn.

Protesters from Latin America blockade a shipment of GMO grain from the US

Protest at a GMO grain port in Louisiana

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