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Opinion Polls

Summaries of polls on GMO food from the 1990’s through 2011, collected by the Center for Food Safety.

FDA Focus Groups, 2000: In the spring of 2000, the FDA held a series of focus group meetings to assess consumer sentiment on GMO foods. As noted by the Washington Post, the agency failed to release information from the meetings, but the public revulsion to GMO food came to light when a consumer group released the agency’s internal report. As the Post noted, the FDA focus groups found that “virtually all participants said that bioengineered foods should be labeled as such….” Consumers expressed “outrage” that GMOs were allowed into the food supply without labels.

Opinion polls on food from animal clones, compiled in 2008 by the Center for Food Safety. In November 2010, the Center for Genetics and Society posted an overview on public opinion polls regarding animal cloning.

A 2005 study on public opinion around GMO animals finds that “Only 25% of Canadians and approximately 33% of the public in the USA, support the use of cloned animals as a source of food.”

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